Presidential installation: William Robert Parks

President, 1965-1986

The installation of William Robert Parks took place on March 22, 1966. The installation coincided with Iowa State University's Founders' Day, and the ceremony, luncheon, and reception were part of both celebrations.

Snow didn't keep many people from attending the festivities. Eight hundred people showed up to hear the student band and singers perform in a pre-installation concert the day before the event. Approximately 3,000 people attended the installation ceremony, which was held at the Armory.

Faculty, students, alumni, and Iowa Gov. Harold E. Hughes greeted the new president during the ceremony. President Parks' address was titled "The Role of Iowa State University in the Scientific Age: Toward a New Humanism" and stressed the role of creativity and imagination in the academic pursuits.

A post-ceremony luncheon in the Memorial Union drew 900 people. In a public reception following the luncheon, official greetings and congratulations from many other universities and colleges were on display.

President Parks retired in 1986 and died July 13, 2003.


William Robert Parks at his installation

William Robert Parks at his installation.