Presidential installation: Wendy Wintersteen

President, 2017-present

The presidential chain of office is placed on Wendy Wintersteen

On Sept. 21, 2018, Wendy Wintersteen was installed as Iowa State University's 16th president. She's the university's first female president, and the first internal candidate promoted to the position in more than 50 years. Wintersteen outlined several priorities in her remarks, "To Serve. To Lead. To Excel." Among them: infusing an Iowa State education with entrepreneurism, recognizing and rewarding excellent faculty and staff, innovating to become a more efficient enterprise and improving the student experience in every college. Above all, she promised to work hard to make Iowa State a model of inclusivity among colleges and universities.


A compilation of installation remarks (PDF) includes full text from President Wendy Wintersteen's address and individuals who spoke during the ceremony. Excerpts include:


"We are proud and recognize her promise as Iowa State University's president. She will help ensure this proud university's growth, allowing each student, staff member and faculty member to make a difference in today's world."

-- Michael Richards, president, State Board of Regents


"President Wintersteen is exactly the right person to be at the helm of Iowa State at this time in its history."

-- Gregory Geoffroy, president emeritus, Iowa State University


"Congratulations on becoming the first woman president of Iowa State University, only 160 years in the making. I believe you are perfectly positioned to lead this prestigious land-grant institution into the next decade."

-- Kim Reynolds, Governor of Iowa


"I have recognized the passion you have for improving the student experience and reminding us that students are the heart of this university."

-- Julian Neely, president, Student Government


"I feel nothing less than pride that we have a leader who believes in building a community on 6 important principles (respect, purpose, cooperation, richness of diversity, freedom from discrimination, honest/respectful expression of ideas)."

-- Norin Yasin Chaudhry, president, Graduate and Professional Student Senate


"We are poised to educate the next generation of leaders in the state of Iowa to be active, concerned and ethical citizens. We will will promote diversity and inclusion; we learn more from those who are different from ourselves."

-- Peter Martin, president, Faculty Senate


"P&S employees look forward to many opportunities to work with you cooperatively to strengthen our land-grant institution and secure the future for ISU and its students."

-- Stacy Renfro, president, Professional and Scientific Council


"Like you, many merit staff served ISU for most of their careers. That body of knowledge is just one of the many reasons that merit staff share your commitment to enhancing the ISU experience for all."

-- Jean McMaken, president, AFSCME Local 96


"Our alumni family is delighted to welcome one of our own to take on the grand challenges of leading our alma mater. You have our most loyal support."

-- Lawrence Cunningham, chair, ISU Alumni Association board of directors