National academies

February, 2014

The National Academies Subcommittee is part of the Student Experience Enhancement Council -- a council that aims to maintain Iowa State's trademark high-quality student experience as enrollment surges. Academic enrichment experiences for undergraduates include such things as internships and co-ops, study abroad, academic or career-related student organizations, learning communities, Honors Program and conducting research with a faculty member.


To devise and implement strategies to gain greater recognition for ISU faculty for their research excellence, with a particular focus on promoting membership in one of the three national academies.

Action items

  • Formation of the Distinguished Faculty Recognition Committee co-chaired by the Vice-President for Research and the Associate Provost for Faculty. The Distinguished Faculty Recognition Committee (DFRC) works with colleges and departments to raise awareness of strategies and actions that promote ISU faculty for national and international recognitions that may facilitate future National Academy nominations.
  • Creation and implementation of a President’s Distinguished Seminar Support Program. Through this program, departments and academic programs may request supplemental central funding to support short-term visits from distinguished National Academy members. Proposals may be submitted at any time, and are reviewed regularly by the DFRC.
  • University-wide Faculty Recognition Workshop. Visibility among one’s peers at the national level is essential for institutional excellence. By increasing recognition of ISU faculty through internal, disciplinary and national or international awards, we can heighten the visibility of our institution, and the chance for all faculty, regardless of discipline, to compete for the highest recognition in their fields and/or membership in the National Academies. To this end, we have planned a central effort to engage and guide departments to promote actively their best candidates for internal and external recognitions, with the goal of securing major awards (disciplinary awards and recognitions, AAAS membership, Academy of Arts and Sciences, etc.). This and future workshops are intended to facilitate a cultural shift on the ISU campus toward greater faculty recognition.