Student Experience Enhancement Council

The Student Experience Enhancement Council is co-chaired by Martino Harmon, associate vice president for students affairs, and Beate Schmittmann, dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Steering Committee

  • Co-chairs: Martino Harmon and Beate Schmittman
    1. Pamela Anthony, Dean of Students
    2. Dave Biedenbach, Assistant Vice President for Financial Planning and Budgets
    3. Pam Cain, Business and Finance
    4. Veronica Dark, Faculty Senate
    5. Jim Davis, Information Technology Services
    6. Pete Englin, Department of Residence
    7. Arne Hallam, Liberal Arts and Sciences
    8. David Holger, Senior Vice President and Provost
    9. Robert Johnson, Student Financial Aid
    10. Katherine Johnson Suski, Admissions
    11. Robin Kelley, Office of Equal Opportunity
    12. Richard Reynolds, Memorial Union
    13. Allan Schmidt, P&S Council
    14. Margie Tabor, Facilities Planning and Management
    15. Karen Zunkel, Program for Women in Science and Engineering


Academic Excellence

  • Co-chairs: Dave Holger and Arne Hallam
    1. Katie Baumgarn, Coordinator of Instructional Facilities (Course Availability Group)
    2. Tom Brum, Assoc. Prof., Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Professor-in-Charge, Engineering-LAS Online Learning, Director of Assessment, College of Engineering (Online learning; outcomes assessment)
    3. Jonathan Compton, Senior Research Analyst, Records and Registration
    4. Ana-Paula Correia, Assoc. Prof., School of Education
    5. Laura Doering, Registrar (Course Availability Group)
    6. Gary Mirka, Associate Dean for Academic Programs, COE (Undergraduate Programs Council, Orientation Committee)
    7. Jay Newell, Assoc. Prof., Journalism and Communication (CELT Advisory Board)
    8. Sree Nilakanta, Professor and Chair, Department of Supply Chain & Information Systems, COB (Department Chairs)
    9. Susan Rhoades, Assistant Director, Academic Success Center
    10. Cris Salinas, Multicultural Liaison Officer, College of Design
    11. Brad Skaar, Assoc. Prof., Animal Science (Chair, Faculty Senate Outcomes Assessment Committee)
    12. Ann Wessman, Program Coordinator, Student Financial Aid

Academic Enrichment

  • Co-chairs: Pam Anthony and Karen Zunkel
    1. Laurie Law, Administrative Director, Honors Program
    2. Trevor Nelson, Director, Study Abroad Center
    3. Pat Miller, Program Manager, Lectures Program
    4. Ann Marie VanDerZanden, Professor, Horticulture; CELT/Learning Communities
    5. Loni Pringnitz, Director, Career Services, College of Human Sciences
    6. Jane Jacobson, Director, Student Services, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    7. Manimaran Govindarasu, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    8. Khayree Fitten, student, Political Science and Global Resources

Student Life

  • Co-chairs: Pete Englin and Martino Harmon
    1. Kurt Beyer (Alumni Association)
    2. Katy Cran (Greek Affairs)
    3. Lauri Dusselier (Thielen Student Health Center)
    4. Pete Englin (Co-chair/Residence)
    5. Elliott Florer (Public Safety)
    6. Martino Harmon (Co-chair/Associate VP for Student Affairs)
    7. Roberta Johnson (Student Financial Aid)
    8. Chris Jorgensen (Athletics)
    9. Japannah Kellogg (Student Support Services Program SSSP)
    10. George Micalone (Student Activities-MU)
    11. Keith Robinder (Dean of Students Office)
    12. Corey Williamson (Memorial Union)
    13. Drew Sherman (student)


  • Co-chairs: Pam Cain and Richard Reynolds
    1. Carlton Basmajian - Assistant Professor, Director of Graduate Education, Community and Regional Planning
    2. Zachary Bauer - GSB Senator, UROC, Public Relations Committee Chair
    3. Michelle Boettcher - Assistant Dean of Students
    4. Julie Bright - Sr. Assoc. AD/Administration, ISU Athletics
    5. Cathy Brown - Assistant Director for Campus Physical Planning, FP&M
    6. Pete Englin - Director, Department of Residence
    7. Judi Eyles - Assistant Director, Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship
    8. Kimberly Hanna - Director, Campustown Action Association
    9. Sheri Kyras - Transit Director, CyRide
    10. Kevin Merrill - Leadership and Service Coordinator, Student Activities Center
    11. Melissa Mundt - Assistant City Manager
    12. Mark North - General Manager, Iowa State Center
    13. Jerry Stewart - Director,ISU Public Safety
    14. Jason Tuttle - Lieutenant, Ames Police Department
    15. Julie Weeks - Director, Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau


  1. Diversity – Robin Kelley, Director, Equal Opportunity Office
  2. Technology - Jim Davis, vice provost and chief information officer
  3. Facilities - Margie Tabor, assistant director of facilities planning and management
  4. Enrollment Planning - Darin Wohlgemuth, interim director of enrollment services
  5. Budget Planning - Dave Biedenbach, assistant vice president for financial planning and budgets