February, 2014

The Infrastructure Work Group is a subcommittee of the Student Experience Enhancement Council -- a council that aims to maintain Iowa State's trademark high-quality student experience as enrollment surges. Following is the work group's charge, priorities and actions items.


To provide the necessary infrastructure and support services to ensure a welcoming, diverse and safe campus environment.

Priority: Facilities

Continue to maintain campus facilities and grounds; improve availability of instructional space; and address increased demand for instructional, research lab and office space.

Action items

  • Facilities Planning and Management received $122,000 in FY 14 for buildings, grounds and other expenses related to increased enrollment.
  • Recommendations from a classroom improvement study are expected in March 2014. Other studies of classroom availability needs and classroom resources also are under way.
  • A critical space study,under way for several months, will identify options to meet academic space needs.

Priority: Information technology

Increase the capacity of the campus wireless network; improve learning technologies for blended and online learning; replace legacy student information systems with contemporary Kuali applications; and support rising costs for services and software licenses that scale up with the university head count.

Action items

  • A proposal to triple the number of wireless access points and deploy emerging "gigabit" wireless technologies will be submitted through the FY15 university budget process.
  • The final report of a learning needs assessment study, available in early 2014, will outline learning space and technology needs.
  • Campus software is increasingly licensed by institutional head count. ITS continues to work to aggregate licenses and reduce costs.

Priority: Diversity

Provide faculty with training and educational opportunities to learn effective ways to positively and respectfully deal with differences in the classroom.

Action items

  • A College of Liberal Arts and Sciences pilot project includes development of materials and a workshop to help faculty effectively deal with cultural differences in the classroom.
  • Outcomes of a university-wide diversity audit will be used to support and promote diversity and inclusion on campus.
  • Programs will be developed to help faculty, advisors and support service personnel work more effectively across cultural differences.

Priority: Enrollment planning

Provide resources to support growth in campus visits and summer orientation.

Action items

  • University-wide priorities for hosting summer events will keep summer student orientation in mind.
  • Additional space will be identified to accommodate increases in campus visits that occur throughout the year.
  • Support will continue for strategic recruitment initiatives and need-based financial aid strategies.

Financial planning and budgeting priority

Ensure that outcomes of university enrollment planning align with the financial planning and budgeting process.

Action items

  • Priorities and action items from the Student Experience Enhancement Council have been incorporated in the priorities used to guide the FY15 budget process.