Student life

February, 2014

The Student Life Subcommittee is part of the Student Experience Enhancement Council -- a council that aims to maintain Iowa State's trademark high-quality student experience as enrollment surges.

Following is the subcommittee's charge, priorities and progress.


To ensure and protect the positive and enhanced quality of the student experience as enrollment numbers shift up or down over time.

FY13 priorities and action items

  • Establish a subcommittee membership that facilitates a comprehensive review. (done)
  • Develop an assessment of current students to learn which programs, activities, and services contribute most to a great student experience. A student life survey was implemented and results provided November 2013.
  • Provide sufficient housing to meet demand through leasing of off-campus space: 503 spaces were leased off-campus for 2013-14.

FY14 priorities and action items

  • Quantify impact of enrollment growth implications for each experience (ongoing, complete by Feb. 28, 2014)
  • Prioritize potential impacts (ongoing, complete by Feb. 28, 2014)

FY15 priorities and action items

To meet increased student demand for university-owned or university-managed housing:

  • Continue to lease and manage off-campus apartments
  • Continue plans to build a new 700-bed residence hall

FY16 priorities and action items

  • Campus visits should be personalized and all-encompassing. Capacity exceeds demand in the Soults Family Visitor Center in the Memorial Union. Explore reallocation of adjacent space in the Union.
  • Orientation sessions shouldn't grow too large and should stay in the June/July time frame. Days have been added to orientation. Investigate how to extend faculty/staff contracts into July.
  • Increased participation in sorority recruitment is anticipated in 2013. To facilitate small group interaction, the residence department will allow move-in one day earlier than usual.
  • Destination Iowa State, which eases new students' transition to college, is growing in numbers. More student leaders need to be recruited, and seating on the Hilton Coliseum floor must be reconfigured to accommodate the numbers.
  • The "house system" in residence halls should be replicated for new students in leased off-campus housing. Houses would consist of community groups of 45-50 residents, led by returning upperclass leaders.
  • To handle increased loan processing and student/parent questions, Student Financial Aid needs four additional P&S staff, five additional student staff and increased office space.
  • Space for expansion in the Greek community should be considered.
  • To reduce lines and waiting times, ISU Dining proposes renovation of former Friley dining space as a dining location.
  • Student Services needs to maintain a personal touch and a custom experience in such services as student counseling, student health services, student assistance services, recreation facilities and programs, and student organization advising. Investigate the feasibility of adding facility space in some programs and increasing dining and student programming options.
  • Athletics has reviewed ticket sales and seating demand for men’s basketball and football games, the only sports where the potential demand from enrollment growth could be perceived to exceed space. At present, the allotment for student seating is line with student demand.