Free speech survey announcement

November 8, 2021


Dear Iowa State Community,

Tomorrow, you will receive an email from Iowa Board of Regents President Michael Richards and Regent Greta Rouse with a link to a 5-minute survey on free speech.

The Board of Regents Free Speech Committee, chaired by Regent Rouse, developed the survey for all students, faculty and staff at the Regent universities. The survey will help us understand perceptions of free speech on our campus and how we can improve to strengthen our commitment to the First Amendment. 

Be assured that your answers will be anonymous and will not be linked to you. The results will be reported in group form only.

We ask that you please check your email tomorrow for the Free Speech Survey and complete the survey as soon as possible before Dec. 1.

The protections afforded by the First Amendment are core values of Iowa State University. Thank you in advance for completing the survey.

Wendy Wintersteen


Jonathan Wickert

Senior Vice President and Provost

Toyia Younger

Senior Vice President for Student Affairs

Pam Cain

Senior Vice President for Operations and Finance

Andrea Wheeler

Faculty Senate President

Chris Johnsen

Professional and Scientific Council President

Chelsea Iennarella-Servantez

Graduate and Professional Student Senate President

Julia Campbell

Student Government President