Message Archive

FY19 Messages from President Wintersteen

June 6, 2019Board of Regents Institutional Update 
May 21, 2019Workday and ISD training and preparation
May 1, 2019Campus message: FY20 tuition and funding
May 1, 2019President Wintersteen's statement re: tuition and state appropriations 
April 26, 2019FY2000-FY2019 General Appropriation Funding
April 18, 2019Board of Regents Institutional Update
February 27, 2019Board of Regents Institutional Update 
February 20, 2019Join us for ISCORE 2019
January 29, 2019FY20 Education Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing
November 30, 2018Des Moines Register Iowa View: A national resource for high-tech materials is needed now; luckily, we have one in Iowa
November 26, 2018FY20 Legislative Request 
November 16, 2018 Board of Regents Institutional Update 
November 16, 2018A path forward for Improved Service Delivery 
November 15, 2018Board of Regents announces 5-year tuition plan 
September 24, 2018Improved Service Delivery: how to stay informed and involved 
September 18, 2018A tragic, senseless loss: Celia Barquin Arozamena 
September 13, 2018FY20 Resources Request to Board of Regents
September 5, 2018Join us for year two of Adventure2
August 20, 2018Welcome to Iowa State University

FY18 Messages from President Wendy Wintersteen

June 29, 2018Campus message re: SUPCO ruling on travel ban
June 7, 2018University Update for Board of Regents 
June 7, 2018 Campus message: 2018-19 tuition rates
April 12, 2018Update to Board of Regents: impact of FY18 midyear reversion and 18-19 tuition proposal
March 30, 2018New information re: FY18 midyear reversion
March 22, 2018Campus message: FY18 Midyear budget reversion
March 1, 2018Spring 2018 Commencement Changes and Schedule
February 28, 2018ISCORE - Last chance to register today
February 22, 2018University Update for Board of Regents
February 22, 2018Campus message: sexual misconduct and Title IX discrimination prevention training
February 21, 2018House Appropriations Committee Hearing re: FY19 legislative requests
February 13, 2018Campus message: update on midyear budget cut proposals and tuition
February 5, 2018Iowa State Data Symposium: Closing the achievement gap - closing remarks
January 8, 20182018 spring semester message: a new year and a new era
January 8, 2018Workday: an exciting transformation
November 28, 2017FY19 Governor's Budgeting Hearing presentation 
October 24, 2017Introductory message from President-Select Wintersteen