Message Archive

FY22 Messages from President Wintersteen

June 3, 2022Message on the tragic deaths of two Iowa State students 
June 2, 2022Statement on shooting outside Cornerstone Church
June 2, 2022Jumpstarting Iowa State's New Strategic Plan 
June 2, 2022Strategic Plan 2022-2031 presentation for Board of Regents 
April 7, 2022Institutional update for Board of Regents - April meeting
March 21, 2022Invitation to Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week 
February 23, 2022Institutional update for Board of Regents - February meeting
February 2, 2022Free speech training - message from Board of Regents
February 1, 2022Free speech training announcement
January 19, 2022More testing options for ISU community
January 6, 2022Campus public health measures for spring semester 2022
November 16, 2021Additional paid holidays - Nov. 24 and Dec. 23, 2021
November 10, 2021

Important Message from Board of Regents President Michael Richards

November 8, 2021Free speech survey announcement
November 4, 2021Institutional update for Board of Regents
September 15, 2021FY23 legislative request for Board of Regents
September 13, 2021Message to campus about personal safety and support resources
August 26, 2021Forever True, For Iowa State Campaign Makes Long-lasting Impact on Iowa State University 
August 25, 2021It’s not just about protecting you, it’s about protecting all of us | Text
August 23, 2021Please do your part to make a difference for the ISU community
August 10, 2021Campus public health measurse for fall semester 2021
July 28, 2021FY22 budget update to Board of Regents

FY21 Messages from President Wintersteen

June 18, 2021Guest essay by SVP Younger: Juneteenth holiday is a testament to my cousin Opal, the 'Grandmother of Juneteenth'
May 20, 2021Timeline for returning to campus work locations
May 19, 2021ISU face covering policy revised based on new CDC guidance
May 10, 2021Thank you for your enormous dedication to create our path forward this year
May 5, 2021Appreciation for a successful year and information about summer transition
April 20, 2021Statement on the verdict in the George Floyd murder trial from Pres. Wintersteen; SVPs Wickert, Younger, and Cain; and VP Stewart 
April 19, 2021Expectations for moving forward to academic year 2021-2022 
April 8, 2021Please help support Iowa State’s large-scale vaccination clinic 
April 6, 2021COVID-19 vaccination update #1
March 24, 2021

Changes to the 2021-2022 academic calendar

March 18, 2021

Statement of care for ISU community following attacks on Asians and Asian Americans

March 12, 2021Moving forward to the 2021-2022 academic year
March 1, 2021Spring 2021 Commencement Announcement
February 22, 2021Join us for virtual ISCORE 2021
February 3, 2021Presentation to Education Appropriations Subcommittee
January 25, 2021Welcome to a new semester at Iowa State
November 25, 2020

Historic Fall Semester was Monumental Team Effort -- Thank You!

November 18, 2020November update to Board of Regents
November 17, 2020

Faculty and staff to receive two additional paid holidays

November 11, 2020

Act now! Critical steps to stop the spread of COVID-19

November 5, 2020Don't let your guard down - curb the increase of COVID-19
October 14, 2020President Wintersteen's response to Child Care Task Force Report
October 9, 2020Students to be selected for COVID-19 testing
October 7, 2020Employee Benefit Changes
September 30, 2020Coronavirus Update 36 - IDPH quarantine update and key data points
September 16, 2020Withdrawal and Tuition Adjustment Deadlines Extended
September 14, 2020Coronavirus Update 35 - Spring semester 2021 calendar changes
September 4, 2020Fall 2020 Virtual Commencement
August 31, 2020Coronavirus Update 34 - Testing results and new reporting website
August 22, 2020Racist criminal activity in a residence hall
August 21, 2020Coronavirus Update 33 - Safety policy for student social gatherings
August 17, 2020Cyclones Care: your role in a safe and successful semester
August 13, 2020Coronavirus Update 32 - Symptom checker for all students, faculty, and staff
August 5, 2020Coronavirus Update 31 - revised cloth face covering policy, response teams, and more
August 4, 2020Flexible workplace options and UHR resources 
August 3, 2020Cyclones Care video | script text
July 31, 2020The Heart of Iowa State - Our Journey Continues Together
July 29, 2020FY21 budget presentation for Board of Regents 
July 29, 2020Coronavirus Update 30 - Response teams and Fall semester website 
July 23, 2020Coronavirus Update 29 - How ISU is prioritizing health and safety 
July 13, 2020President Wintersteen and other Regents presidents urge rescission of ICE guidance
July 10, 2020Key decisions to address FY21 budget shortfall 
July 10, 2020Message to Veterinary Medicine students: Information about Iowa State's fall academic experience
July 10, 2020Message to Graduate students: Information about Iowa State's fall academic experience
July 10, 2020Message to undergraduate students: Information about Iowa State's fall academic experience
July 8, 2020Announcement of Committee to Establish Principles on Renaming
July 7, 2020Statement on new rules for international students in the United States
July 2, 2020Coronavirus Update 28 - Next steps for summer, testing, and travel 

FY20 Messages from President Wintersteen

June 24, 2020Coronavirus Update 27 - Face coverings required
June 18, 2020Statement on Supreme Court's DACA ruling 
June 18, 2020Statement on Juneteenth
June 11, 2020Statement on W.T. Hornaday, his campus plaque, and plans for moving forward
June 10, 2020Coronavirus Update 26 - ISU's Key Decisions for Fall Semester 
May 29, 2020Statement on the tragic killing of George Floyd
May 26, 2020Coronavirus Update 25 - Summer planning tools and helping create a safe environment 
May 22, 2020Inspiration among the ISU Community 
May 15, 2020Coronavirus Update 24 - Update on Phased Increase for Summer
May 8, 2020Coronavirus Update 23 - First case of COVID-19 confirmed involving Iowa State community member 
May 8, 2020Coronavirus Update 22 - Summer Planning Information
May 8, 2020Joy, Hope, and Gratitude: Congratulations Class of 2020!
May 1, 2020Let's take a moment to celebrate! 
May 1, 2020Emergency funding for students impacted by COVID-19
April 30, 2020Update on COVID-19 financial impacts for Board of Regents
April 28, 2020Coronavirus Update 21 - Executive Committee for Fall Planning announced
April 24, 2020Coronavirus Update 20 - Fall semester planning and prioritizing wellness 
April 20, 2020Coronavirus Update 19 - Financial Impacts
April 17, 2020Stepping up for Iowans and each other
April 10, 2020The Heart of Iowa State 
April 10, 2020Spring 2020 Virtual Commencement 
April 8, 2020Coronavirus Update 18 - Addressing the timeline for reduced campus operations
April 3, 2020Coronavirus Update 17 - Emergency response and front line staff impacts
April 2, 2020We are Fellow Cyclones… Help Protect the Community We Love
April 1, 2020University Update for the Board of Regents 
March 31, 2020Coronavirus Update 16 - New employee leave information 
March 30, 2020Message to faculty and staff - Town Hall follow up
March 30, 2020Message to students - refunds for campus services
March 27, 2020Stick with us, and we'll make it through together
March 26, 2020A Message of Hope and Gratitude 
March 23, 2020Coronavirus Update 15 - Spring semester resumes
March 22, 2020Coronavirus Update 14 - Returning travelers directed to self-isolate
March 20, 2020A special message to Cyclone Nation 
March 18, 2020Coronavirus Update 13 - Virtual instruction extended through end of spring semester
March 17, 2020Coronavirus Update 12 - Flexible work arrangements to support social distancing
March 14, 2020Coronavirus Update 11 - Follow-up guidance for non-essential domestic travel ban
March 14, 2020Coronavirus Update 10 - University non-essential domestic travel ban
March 13, 2020Coronavirus Update 9 - Events canceled, long-term planning
March 13, 2020Speech First drops lawsuit - President's statement
March 12, 2020Coronavirus Update 8 - Employee guidance and support
March 11, 2020Coronavirus Update 7 - Moving to online instruction 
March 10, 2020Coronavirus Update 6 - Planning for online instruction, international travel ban extended
March 10, 2020Coronavirus Update 5 - Spring Break travel, university operations, contingency planning
March 9, 2020Coronavirus Update 4 - First COVID-19 cases in Iowa
March 5, 2020Coronavirus Update 3 - University-sponsored international travel suspended
Feb. 28, 2020Novel Coronavirus Update 2: new travel restrictions and health information
Feb. 21, 2020Join us for ISCORE 2020
Jan. 28, 2020Campus Update on the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak
Nov. 20, 2019Racist vandalism and stickers, Campus Climate website timely information
Nov. 14, 2019November Board of Regents: Strategic Plan Progress
Nov. 13, 2019ISU Police investigating social media threat
Nov. 10, 2019APLU National Meeting Opening Panel: public universities service mission 
Nov. 8, 2019University actions to address racism and discrimination | meeting handout
Oct. 23, 2019Creating a welcoming and inclusive campus must include condemning racism and bigotry 
Sept. 19, 2019September Board of Regents: FY21 Appropriation Request
Sept. 13, 2019Invitation to 2019 University Awards Ceremony on Sept. 23
Sept. 11, 20192019 State of the University Address: slide deck | video 
Sept. 10, 2019Campus Climate Survey next steps
Sept. 4, 2019Invitation to President Wintersteen's State of the University Address
Aug. 26, 2019Be part of the ISU story and write the book you want to read
Aug. 1, 2019FY20 Budget for Board of Regents
Aug. 1, 2019Workday and ISD: One month

FY19 Messages from President Wintersteen

June 13, 2019Message to faculty and staff: FY20 budget and salary policy
June 6, 2019Board of Regents Institutional Update 
May 21, 2019Workday and ISD training and preparation
May 1, 2019Campus message: FY20 tuition and funding
May 1, 2019President Wintersteen's statement re: tuition and state appropriations 
April 26, 2019FY2000-FY2019 General Appropriation Funding
April 18, 2019Board of Regents Institutional Update
February 27, 2019Board of Regents Institutional Update 
February 20, 2019Join us for ISCORE 2019
January 29, 2019FY20 Education Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing
November 30, 2018Des Moines Register Iowa View: A national resource for high-tech materials is needed now; luckily, we have one in Iowa
November 26, 2018FY20 Legislative Request 
November 16, 2018 Board of Regents Institutional Update 
November 16, 2018A path forward for Improved Service Delivery 
November 15, 2018Board of Regents announces 5-year tuition plan 
September 24, 2018Improved Service Delivery: how to stay informed and involved 
September 18, 2018A tragic, senseless loss: Celia Barquin Arozamena 
September 13, 2018FY20 Resources Request to Board of Regents
September 5, 2018Join us for year two of Adventure2
August 20, 2018Welcome to Iowa State University

FY18 Messages from President Wendy Wintersteen

June 29, 2018Campus message re: SUPCO ruling on travel ban
June 7, 2018University Update for Board of Regents 
June 7, 2018 Campus message: 2018-19 tuition rates
April 12, 2018Update to Board of Regents: impact of FY18 midyear reversion and 18-19 tuition proposal
March 30, 2018New information re: FY18 midyear reversion
March 22, 2018Campus message: FY18 Midyear budget reversion
March 1, 2018Spring 2018 Commencement Changes and Schedule
February 28, 2018ISCORE - Last chance to register today
February 22, 2018University Update for Board of Regents
February 22, 2018Campus message: sexual misconduct and Title IX discrimination prevention training
February 21, 2018House Appropriations Committee Hearing re: FY19 legislative requests
February 13, 2018Campus message: update on midyear budget cut proposals and tuition
February 5, 2018Iowa State Data Symposium: Closing the achievement gap - closing remarks
January 8, 20182018 spring semester message: a new year and a new era
January 8, 2018Workday: an exciting transformation
November 28, 2017FY19 Governor's Budgeting Hearing presentation 
October 24, 2017Introductory message from President-Select Wintersteen