Interdisciplinary research

President's Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research (PIIR)

About this initiative: 

When researchers from around the world get together to take on the big challenges of our age, major advances, discoveries and technologies are sure to follow. That's the idea behind the Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research, a program launched by Iowa State University President Steven Leath in the fall of 2012.

"These proposals are just what we wanted to see," Leath said. "They pull together talented researchers from our university, other institutions, national labs and industry to tackle some of the grand challenges facing our world. I believe we will see real progress coming out of these scientific collaborations."

Teams cite progress on presidential research initiative

Sept. 2016: Third round of funding from PIIR builds four research teams that will use big data to benefit human and animal health, improve cities and build new tools for researchers.

Jan. 2016: The second round of awards from PIIR builds four big data research teams and launch major projects in digital agriculture and intelligent text analysis.

April 2015: PIIR expands to provide seed funding for research projects in data-driven science

May 2014: The seven research teams funded through the presidential research initiative showcase their first-year progress.

June 2013: First round of awards from PIIR provide funding for seven Iowa State research teams.