State relations

Communicating with legislators

Day-to-day communication with legislators is the responsibility of the Board of Regents' State Relations Officers. Each regents university is assigned a state relations officer whose office is located on campus. The state relations officers:

  • Communicate policies in one-on-one meetings with legislators
  • Coordinate requests for information about the university from legislators
  • Schedule appearances by university specialists before legislative committees and
  • Ensure that the president of the university is kept apprised of key legislative developments.

Strong state legislative relations are of critical importance as Iowa State pursues its goal of providing a world-class education, research and outreach services to Iowa's families, communities and businesses.

Iowa State's state relations officer:

Carolann JensenCarolann Jensen, ISU's state relations officer serves as Iowa State's primary public affairs and legislative contact, at the direction of the state Board of Regents and can be reached at:

Carolann Jensen
Office: 515-294-7239



Regents set state legislative policy

The Board of Regents, State of Iowa, has the sole authority to determine the state legislative policy for Iowa State University and the other institutions the board governs. These policies are determined by the board in consultation with the president of Iowa State and the heads of the other regents institutions. The board's exclusive authority in legislative policy-setting ensures that the governor and Iowa General Assembly receive a cohesive legislative plan for all the institutions that focuses on the highest priorities for the universities' education, research, and outreach missions while making the most efficient use of state appropriations.