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Wendy Wintersteen named 16th president

Dr. Wendy Wintersteen is named the 16th president of Iowa State University. Oct. 23, 2017

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Update: midyear budget cut proposals and tuition

In a Feb. 13 email to the Iowa State community, President Wintersteen shared an update on the status of potential midyear budget cuts and apprised campus of the Board of Regents’ decision to postpone discussion on setting tuition rates.

Closing the achievement gap  

Iowa State University hosted a data symposium Feb. 5 to take a close look at its efforts to close the gap in retention and graduation rates among underrepresented students and their peers. As a founding member of the University Innovation Alliance, Iowa State is at the leading edge of innovations and strategies to increase the number and diversity of college graduates. A keynote address by UIA Executive Director Bridget Burns and closing remarks by President Wintersteen underscored the obligation of higher education institutions to ensure all students, regardless of their background or circumstance, can have the opportunity to work hard and not only succeed but thrive. 

Alliance for Iowa State issues "call to action" on FY18 budget cut proposal

The Iowa Senate has proposed a midyear cut of $6.9 million to Iowa State's FY18 base appropriation. The Alliance for Iowa State responded with a call to action to more than 200,000 Iowa State students, faculty, staff, alumni, legislators, and stakeholders. 

Spring Semester 2018: A new year and a new era for Iowa State University 

In a Jan. 8 email to the Iowa State community, President Wintersteen reflected on 2017 accomplishments and how she plans to devote her time this semester.

Workday: transforming Iowa State's computer systems for the 21st century

In a Jan. 8 letter posted on the WorkCyte website, President Wintersteen expressed support and excitement for the Workday transformation and its benefit to the entire university community. 

FY19 Governor's Budget Hearing

President Wintersteen presented Iowa State's FY19 state appropriation request Nov. 28 to Gov. Kim Reynolds. Read Inside Iowa State's recap of the presentation and media coverage of the presentation in the Des Moines Register and Cedar Rapids Gazette

Updated: Sept. 10, 2017

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