Forever True, For Iowa State celebration at annual Order of the Knoll event, October 12, 2018

News and headlines

FY20 Legislative Request

President Wintersteen met Jan. 29 with the Education Appropriations Subcommittee to present Iowa State's FY20 request for additional investment by the state for key university priorities. 

A path forward for Improved Service Delivery

President Wintersteen announced her endorsement of the Institutional Effectiveness Leadership Team (IELT) Super Group's report on how to proceed with Improved Service Delivery.

Board of Regents announces 5-year tuition plan

In a Nov. 15 email to campus, President Wintersteen shared the Board of Regents' 5-year plan for resident undergraduate tuition. 

Forever True, For Iowa State surpasses historic goal

Iowa State University's historic fundraising campaign, Forever True, For Iowa State surpassed its $1.1 billion goal and is aiming for more. A new target of $1.5 billion has been set and the campaign has been extended to June 30, 2021. 

Presidential Installation

President Wendy Wintersteen was officially installed Sept. 21 as the 16th president of Iowa State University and shared her vision focused on service, leadership, and excellence.



Installation celebration

(Dave Olson/Iowa State University)

Dr. Wendy Wintersteen was installed as Iowa State's 16th president on Sept. 21. Michael Richards, president of the state Board of Regents, conducted the formal ceremony. Speakers included ISU President emeritus Gregory Geoffroy, Gov. Kim Reynolds and representatives from Iowa State's student and employee organizations.