Points of Pride

Educational excellence100 years of continuous accreditation.

Student experience: Fall 2019 enrollment

  • Serve more Iowa undergraduates (16,865) than any other institution
  • 95% placement rate for graduating seniors

Diversity and Inclusion: 8,068 students identify as U.S. multicultural or international, representing 115 countries. Principles of the Iowa State Community reflect ISU's commitment to a welcoming, inclusive campus.

Research and scholarship excellence: Record $261 million in research funding in FY19.

Economic development: ISU Research Park is a gateway to the Cultivation Corridor and Iowa State's entrepreneurial ecosystem, which drive economic opportunities across Iowa. 

Fundraising and development: Forever True, For Iowa State, Iowa State's largest comprehensive fundraising campaign, exceeds goal of $1.1 billion two and a half years early. Goal is raised to $1.5 billion and the campaign is extended one year to June 30, 2021.

Extension and Outreach: Provides a front door to Iowa State's expertise, research, and science-based solutions in all 99 counties. Programs impact more than 1 million Iowans annually.

Alumni: Nearly 260,000 Iowa State alumni live in 150 countries; more than 110,000 live in Iowa.

Great value: Iowa State named best 4-year college in Iowa.  

Campus Beautification: 5th most beautiful campus in the world.